60x Field Microscope

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Turn your phone into a microscope with a 60x Field Microscope. This device easily clips onto most smartphones and tablets, producing amazing images of the microscopic world.

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  • Multiple-lens microscope system – used to produce clearer images than other single bead designs
  • Full-screen image – the 60x Field Microscope is very close to the phone’s camera, generating a very large field of view
  • No external lighting required – by reflecting light from the camera’s flashlight and adding a window to feed natural light, no external lights are needed
  • Easy to use – all you need to do is clip the microscope onto your phone and open a camera app
  • Lightweight and portable – we use 3d printed parts to produce a microscope you can bring with you anywhere
The world is amazing in 60x
Images taken with a 60x Field Microscope


60x microscopes have been used for a number of things, from exploration to photography to science work. Due to how portable it is, it can change the workflow of field scientists. Rather than bringing samples back to a lab, they can be examined on the fly using only a phone.

Previous buyers have used this for:

  • Identifying bugs
  • Checking moles (by doctors)
  • Examining samples in fieldwork
  • Verifying soldering joints
  • Taking amazing macro photos
  • Sparking interest in biology to children


How to use the Field Microscope


Additional information

Weight0.024 kg
Dimensions8.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm

60 times (with digital zoom)


60x Field Microscope, Carry bag


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